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The Gee Spot 30.07.2010

It’s Friday and it's payday meaning we’ve got money to spend, spend, spend. (As an aside; Spend, Spend, Spend is actually a great musical – and I’m not saying that just because I’m originally from Leeds.)

I know I’ve been waffling on about fetish a lot recently, so today I shall be focusing on the lighter side of sex.

I’ve been viewing preview copies of two up-and-coming Bel Ami movies today. The Orgies Collection and The Private Life of Ariel Vanean are both out in September. The Orgies collection is a 2-disc, 5-hour long fuck-fest of mammoth proportions with nearly 20 years of beautiful boys encapsulated on one DVD and Ariel Vanean is not only my favourite Bel Ami model he’s also really cute and really dirty at the same time… how does he do that? But if you can’t wait another month to get your Bel Ami fix then good news, as Flings 4 is out next week. Luke Hamill and Keanu Faria head up the cast in an all-star romantic and idyllic sex-a-thon between beautiful young men.

And if you’ve ever wondered what happens to the Bel Ami models when they leave, I received an email last week informing me that multi-award winning Bel Ami superstar Tim Hamilton has just finished a new photoshoot. There are some stunning images of him (and lots of other hot guys) on the website and you can ever buy massive prints of your favourites.

So seeing as you’re obviously going to be staying in this weekend (or have a gang-band planned like me) you’ll need something to assist you with all of this hot porn. Well I found a great “starter” kit for the less experienced of us. But for the well-experienced ones, see if you can handle The Master.

There’s also a brand new aroma released TODAY! That’s right gentlemen, fresh to the market is DEEP aroma. It comes in it’s own box and is currently only available through the website – so get it today and show it off to your mates this weekend.

Well, how devoid from fetish can you get? Didn’t think I could do it did you? Well, you were right! For those of you who like me like it all that bit harder, don’t forget Folsom Europe is on the first week of September in Berlin. There’s still time to book your flights and hotels and as this will be my third year running, believe me – this is one amazing party!

Hope you all have fun this weekend. As for me, I’m off to the pub.

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