Ane Lan does dream drag as part of The Surreal House (i.e. at The Barbican)

It's tonight. That's 29 July. At approximately, ooh, thirty minutes past 7pm.

Woke up thinking ‘tonight I’d like to see a man dressed as a woman pretending to be Sigmund Freud’? Course you did... and things are about to get even more surreal as we exclusively reveal that your dream can come true, tonight (Thursday 29 July), at London’s concrete arts castle, The Barbican.
A UK premiere by internationally acclaimed Norwegian artist Ane Lan, Dream Chamber sees Lan as a male psychoanalyst dressed as a female Freud analysing her patient. As she sleeps, her neurotic dreams are presented as videos, which the psychotherapist attempts to understand, in exactly the way we find meanings in the promos of GaGa.

The performance was created as a commentary on the 150-year Freud anniversary in 2006, and (copy and paste press release warning) ‘focuses on the applicability of dream analysis and psychoanalysis in the mediated society of today. The central question is how humans view themselves and their existence in a society dominated by mass media.’ Ok?

Ane Lan is a much-gushed-about Norwegian performance artist who graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Oslo. He has previously performed at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Venice Bienniale and the Schwules Museum in Berlin. He sounds exciting and has scary taste in drag.

Ane Lan: Dream Chamber, Part of Freud and Surrealism, 7.30pm, 29 July 2010, The Pit.

Tickets cost from £12 online and that includes same-day entry to The Surreal House art show in the main gallery.

PS: Every Thursday The Surreal House throws open its doors with a host of artists talks, events and performances.

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