Jamie Tabberer

Ellie Goulding In The Courtyard

With added vodka

Picture the scene: a beautiful day outside but you're spending your afternoon chained to the office, tapping away mundanely at your keyboard, screen grabbing the threesome scene from Shortbus, because, you know, that's your job, while listening to Ellie Goulding thinking "I'd really like to meet Ellie Goulding right about now."

Suddenly and as if by magic, the phone rings. "We'd like to send a car to fetch so you can meet Ellie Goulding and see her play a private, acoustic gig." Now, I don't know what you'd have done, but with face set firmly to poker, I simply replied "Alright then, yes. Thank you."

In The Courtyard with Russian Standard Vodka Originals is a collaborative effort between the luxury vodka brand and indie magazine The Fly: together they're hosting an array of acoustic gigs slated for the summer, and other events (including a film festival) coming up later in the year, especially for members of

We Are Scientists and the Drums have already put in appearances, and this week, it was Ellie's turn. Little country bumpkin and pink eyebrowed Ellie. Well, she was good. She looked terrified, performing in front of a scrutinising crowd of 25 people, but her unique little voice was on top form, although it got a little too Diana Vickers for its own good at times. Oh and she had a nice top on. GLIB.

It was only a little set - the singles Starry Eyed and Guns and Horses, plus Between the Sheets (which didn't translate to acoustic so well, what with it sounding so odd and unusual on record, a simple guitar didn't quite cut it) and The Writer, twice, because she apparently botched it the first time round, not that I noticed. She did the whole song from scratch. Bless her cotton socks.

So, that was a nice little detour for my day. The experience was made that much sweeter thanks to the sample of Russian Standard Vodka I was given, which now sits on my desk beckoning me, as I sit tapping away mundanely at your keyboard, screen grabbing the threesome scene from Shortbus, because, you know, that's my job.

Not much gay to speak of in this blog, sorry. Hopefully the Shortbus reference will suffice. As you may have noticed I dropped it in a second time just in case. You're welcome.

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