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The Gee Spot 23.07.10

Phew! I am exhausted. It’s been a jam-packed seven days and I have so much to talk about. (Nothing-new there then.)

I had a photo shoot for Gay Times on Wednesday. It’s for September’s Sex Issue so were interviewing and photographing different guys who work in various areas of sex – porn, rent, sauna, shop and little old me. Well less of the little, hence why I said I’d don my fetish gear and leave the swimwear to the gym-bunnies. Unfortunately the shoot was at Sweat Box sauna and there’s me in full leather. Lots of toweling down needed to wipe the water from my eyes, but the pictures look good – make sure you get a copy.

I know I’ve gone on and on about Fetish Week, but let me briefly tell you what (or who) went down last weekend. We were out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I still haven’t caught up on my sleep yet. did us proud with some amazing parties tailored to the fetish gays. I chatted to many lads who had traveled from France, Spain, Germany and Ireland; so as expected, Europe did descend on London. Word on the street is that Recon are already looking into next year’s event; so if you didn’t make it to this one, there’s always next year. (As promised, above are pictures of my motley crew and I before going out last weekend. (From left to right: me, David, Javier and John.)

I had a meet-cute last Saturday night. So there I am, head to toe in leather in the cruising area when I meet this hot, muscled, black guy. We start chatting and for the next two hours – much to the dismay of the people around us – talked about Disney films. It was awesome in the most surreal way. We arranged to see Toy Story 3 together last night and I’ve not stopped gushing about it all day. It’s brilliant. But if you’re not into stories but are into toys (how’s that for a tenuous link back into the world of sex) then I think I have discovered the best toy ever… It’s a Robotic Mouth Masturbator. Just lube up your cock, stick it into the blue cylinder and it literally sucks your cock to climax. And sticking with the toys theme, there’s a brilliant new underwear range exclusive to Prowler. The Undertoys range looks great on and is really quirky. My favourites are the boxers with Indiana Jones bullwhipping Where’s Wally. Love it!

I took David (pictured above) to Hustlaball in London a few months ago. Being the porn guru I am, I always get invited to all of the sleazy places. (My Mum is so proud… no she really is. She actually reads this blog. Hi Mum!) Our friend’s from Alphamalemedia were there shooting a porn film with some stunning looking guys, and the film’s just been released. Out with the Porn Stars features hot, hairy bear Bruno Knight. He’s such a hot fucker – and I want his harness. The film’s raunchy and sexy and you get to see the masses of people I had/were at (delete where applicable) Hustlaball. Actually, if you like you’re men hairy, I bring good news. There’s a new studio launching in September called Butch Dixon. I’ll give you some more details closer to the time.

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