Bob Henderson

Goldfrapp and Marina & The Diamonds double header at The Roundhouse

Shed a little tear, did a little dance, went home.

The seemingly never ending iTunes musical festival barges on through our social calendar, obliterating the illusion of free will by offering up another unmissable pairing of musical must-sees. The grandma and naughty niece of "quirky" (how rude) femme pop lauded it over a sea of blaggers and winners, with more than a crowd's fair share of gays lurking around.

Marina, having seen her a few times now, has three amazing songs. And one other one which is repeated in a variety of different guises, none of which hide the syncopated piano parts which normally accompany cartoon marionettes. The best of these is clearly I Am Not A Robot which she spunked out third in her set, is always beautiful and for personal reasons, brought a little tear to our eye. Which almost happened with Obsessions. And there was another one, we forget. Still, whether we would be accepted into the diamond clique or not, we love us a Marina.

Goldfrapp had serious issues with their backing tapes last night. The first song had no bass, the karmic retribution being the second one had so much bass our quiff trembled and we felt like our internal organs were being ruptured. Alison was quite the matriarchal grouch in her video-tape glitter ensemble and spent a good percentage of the gig glaring evilly at her "band mates". If the addage "if looks could kill" were true, we would've witnessed a horrific massacre of four skilled musicians, with Alison grinding their bones under her heels, the wind machine whipping up bits of flesh to adorn her flowing mane.

But we weren't there to assess Alison's inter-personal skills. Once the band had got through a few songs, they pulled it together and churned out a winning set. The skimpy showings from the new album were quickly dispatched early on, where as all the old classic were thrashed out towards the end, including an impressive rock at out at the end of Train, a crowd pleasing Oh La La and Number one, and a triumphant double encore starting with Utopia and ending in Strict Machine. You left feeling grateful for being alive.

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