Bob Henderson

The Pipettes launched their single Call Me at The Lexington

Your love songs are wasted on me

Now, maybe we were just in a foul mood and being a bit grouchy last night, but the all new Pipettes duo just didn't cut it for us.

The original three girl outfit have slimmed down to one original member (we'll gloss over the backing boy band, who have always suffered such a fate) and roped in a newie. The New Pipette is super girly - remember them? - but totally humourless. It was a bit like watching Jane Horrocks doing Karaoke, channeling bubble in ab fab, but all coquettish and incredibly grating.

The defining moment was when Gwen (who should totally go solo) awkwardly offered a half apology to the audience for all the new songs being a bit more serious. That's not really the problem, as songs about spacemen aren't going to leave you wallowing in existential angst. They've just lost their sense of fun - gone are the upbeat songs about one night stands, fucking boys or girls in school uniform and boyfriends doing things that would make your mother blush. In are sentimental, trite songs about being complete, hearts like a bomb and a twist-and-shout ode to a dead hamster.

Sad times people - pop just lost its best indie girl band.

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I think you were at the wrong gig. They've been a duet for a while now. The vibe was great, as was the crowd (bar the two shouting nutters) and they still have their sense of fun.

Added by anthony82

21/07/2010 23:48:08