Phallic or flaccid?

The Gee Spot 16.07.10

I was at Expectations last night to pick up some last minute items for this weekend. It’s worth getting down there for the new sales guy they’ve got - he’s so bloody hot. I wasn’t surprised to find out he’s also a model for Raw Image Studio - loads of muscled, hot men smoking cigars. You’ll have to get to the shop to find out which one he is though, I don’t want to name and shame the poor guy.

I love seeing men smoking, it really turns me on but it got me thinking; do most men find it hot or not? In my little world where everyone is covered head-to-toe in cowhide, most guys love smoking or worshiping cigars. I can’t really see it going down well outside Heaven though.

Speaking of Heaven and Kylie’s “secret” performance last week, although I didn’t go, I am loving her new album. The title track Aphrodite is my favourite. I was (quietly) singing along to it on my way to work the other day only to notice this guy watching and smiling at me. I was too embarrassed to flirt back. Of all the things to get caught doing.

Expectations was really busy last night and the free drinks went down a treat. I shall be donning my cowhide and rubber gear this weekend for Fetish Week London. Tonight is the opening party at Fire in Vauxhall. I’ll be there from midnight and will be attending most of the events before hitting my pillow on Monday. If you’ve still not got an outfit, Expectations have another late night event from 6pm tonight. Get 20% off everything in store and be entertained by Alphamalemedia hottie Braxton Bond . But if you just can’t see yourself in skintight anything, come to GT’s Spit Roast Sunday. It’s only £5 in, free food and no dress code. Check out the Fetish Week listings.

You don’t see many suits in fetish clubs (probably a bit too hot and restricting… what am I talking about, I’ll be in skin-tight rubber) but there are films out there to cater to the businessman lover. German studio Cazzo have recently brought out an absolute corker of a film called Desktops. It’s full of hot men in shirts and suits getting sucked off underneath the desk or being pounded by their potential new boss. It’s in most sex shops around the country or pop into Expectations or a Prowler store if you’re near one.

Word on the street is that infamous director Chi Chi LaRue is currently editing together Little Big League 4 which is soon to be released in the UK, so while we’re waiting for the DVD, I discovered another hot item molded on one of Chi Chi’s boys; Blake Riley. It’s not a cock this time though, but his perfectly formed arse. Out of total curiosity I had a feel with it here in the office; it’s so soft and grabbable and even vibrates. It’s bloody expensive though – but then again, how much would you pay to have a go with Blake Riley’s arse? But if you’re more of a bottom than a top and still want to like Blake (and are saving your pennies), then get your hands on The Master. This beast is over 12” long. I’d like to say it was molded on me – but it’s so not.

And as if to prove my point that all gay boys are alike, here’s a little insight into my friends. I’m taking my 22 year old (usually GAY queen) friend David to Fetish Week – first stop, get him kitted out and then off to Leather Nexus tonight. He’ll have to wash that gel out of his hair first. (“Its wax” he just called over – prissy queen!) Michael has a similar job to me (watch porn and write about sex) and he’s already stressing about having too much to do before tonight. John and I were trying out different outfits last weekend and we’re still not sure what to wear and Javier has just text me to see if I’ve got a spare rubber collar as his outfit just doesn’t work without one. Boys will be boys! I’ll try and get a picture of us all for next week’s blog.

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