And how to smell as fresh... because it’s not just a boy in a tub – he’s got five top fragrances for summer to keep him company. From remixes of big hits to signature scents of designers of the moment, it's no longer about the musk of a man who arrives at his own party on a jet-ski - androgynous Eastern promise leads the way.


Scents in image, clockwise from top:

Davidoff Cool Water Ice Fresh, 125ml, £29.00
This sprightly re-working of a rugged hero wouldn’t win awards for originality if it all it offered was zinging notes of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit. But luckily our Ice Fresh baby also packs a punch of basil and sage (thems fighting herbs) and is rounded off with a juniper base. Surprising.

Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Aqua, 50ml, £36
A little bit citrus, a little bit Orient, this one’s also a whole lot of top-seller. Darker notes of patchouli and musk fortunately suggest ‘guy with hidden depths’ more than ‘got thrown out of the kibbutz because I never washed my tie-dye yoga pants.’

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Vaporisateur Spray, 75 ml, £64
Love to look good on a yacht but can’t afford one? Time to meet your ‘get cruised in the Ibiza super-club anyway’ card. With a smack of orange and mandarin (they do smell different, honest), Chanel’s ever-young classic also has something of the sea about it. That’s Pacific rollers rather than dead crabs off Norfolk.

Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Summer, 100ml, £32
A livewire blend of kumquat, pineapple and bergamot fused with bamboo, cardamom and cedar leaf. Dries down with gualac and teak wood and a ‘hint of sea salt mist,’ apparently. We say it’s a winner for summer days at work – unlike your tired-and-tested camo shorts and trainers combo.

Marc Jacobs Men, 75ml, £40
It’s manly, sensual and on the money trend-wise, combining woody, herby hints with spices that smack of wild nights in Istanbul. It also boasts our new favourite press release descriptor with ‘watery fig leaves’ paying homage to those infamously hedonistic pool parties in the Garden of Eden. Possibly.

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