Bob Henderson

Lovebox's Big Gay Sunday. It's this Sunday.

Here is your itinerary.

* You'll probably roll your eyes at some point at one of Jonny Woo's jokes. But you will wonder how it is scientifically possible for him to get into that corset.

* You'll spend several hours dancing at NYC Downlow and learn some new make up tips of a bearded drag queen.

* When Hot Chip and Hercules & Love Affair play, you will have atleast three moments of 'oh god i know/love this song!!!!!' (see also Cut Copy and New Young Pony Club)

* You'll admire Henry Holland's hair, if not his DJ set. Oh wait, that's Hannah. You'll admire Hurts' hair, and their music too.

* Peaches will perform the musical equivalent of female ejaculation. There will be costume changes/pyrotechnics/dancers.

* Someone, somewhere will play We Are Your Friends, where you'll have a little cry-dance with your friends.

* You will miss Grace Jones because you've drunk too much Gaymers, but it will be one of those legendary performances everyone talks about with misty eyes and of course you will legitimately claim that you were there, omitting the unimportant detail that you were passed out in your own vomit.

Get all your lovebox loving here.

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