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Snow White and the Seven Poofs

Drag Diary #12

Yep, you read that correctly. Doesn’t exactly sound like your standard West End show does it? Wonder what Disney would make of it.

And yet this Christmas, London’s Leicester Square Theatre will be playing host to all sorts of drag queen shenanigans with their very own alternative pantomime. And the best part? THEY’RE CASTING NEXT WEEK.

What’s more, the auditions are going to be filmed and screened on Sky 1 as part of Louie Spence’s new series, Show Business. Yes, he has a new series. Love him or hate him, you know who he is. And god help us all he’s back.

So, if you fancy yourself as a drag Snow White then you should probably get yourself down to Pineapple Dance Studios at 9am on Friday 23rd July for the first round of open auditions. The second round will then be held at CXR Bar on Sunday 25th July as part of Bette Rinse’s Cabaret show, where approximately forty Snow Whites will sing to a live audience. Then after THIS round, fifteen to twenty finalists will be selected to return to Pineapple Dance Studios on Monday 26th in order to select the winner.

And the song they want you to prepare? Whistle While You Work. Obvs.

The show itself will be running between 1st December and 9th January so if you’re not doing anything else this Christmas and you own a pair of heels, why WOULDN’T you want to be involved?

Even if you can’t sing or have no interest in performing, there’s a good chance you’ll get close enough to Louie to give him a good slap. Failing that, you’ll be on the telly. You’ll become an overnight sensation. Your celebrity status will know no limits. Just look what that did for Tricia Walsh-Smith.

Could be worth a laugh though.

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