Bob Henderson

Wild Beasts and The XX at The Roundhouse last night.

Big space, big gloomy fun. And you can never go wrong with a glitter cannon.

The iTunes/Roundhouse music love-in is well underway, so we stopped by for our fill of indie woe.

Wild Beasts take a while to warm up. When they go for it with Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants, The Devils Crayon or We've Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues, they are incredible. In ten years time, their greatest hits tour is going to be mind blowing. As they stand now, there's a bit too much noodling self expression. But we do love a falsetto, in a Jimmy Sommerville/Geneva kinda way.

Pretty much everyone was there for The XX, though it's a weird one. For every fervid fan there was a dragged along friend who didn't have anything to do on a wet monday night. As such, atleast half the crowd were nattering at the back, and both bands never managed to capture the crowd. The XX did put on a cracking show though, through their bleak atmospheric epics, moody lighting and restrained self assurance.

And then right at the end the crowd was spunked with silver glitter. There is nothing that cannot be improved with a confetti glitter cannon. We've seen Ke$ha and Pet Shop Boys put them to good use of late, and we want one at our funeral. Massive crowds of people weeping inconsolably while being showered with glitter.

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