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Nipple on nipple

Well when you put it like that we’re bound to have a nosey.

The phrase in question was put to us while we were – once more – downing champagne at a glamorous aftershow party. Well we very nearly choked on said champers faithful reader. But then we thought about it and it’s quite correct, Wolfboy (for that was the show we were toasting) does indeed feature some nipple on nipple action and very fine nipples they are too.

We’ll try and bring you up to speed quickly.

It’s a show about two young guys in a boys home – one’s recently tried to kill himself, the other thinks he’s a wolf. One of the boys has a hot older BILF, played by the very hot indeed (and very lovely) Daniel Boys. Oh, and the very pretty (looked amazing at the aftershow) Emma Rigby from Hollyoaks plays a nurse.

And all of them get their tops off. Yep, even Nurse Rigby. The dirty minx.

It’s a musical. It’s not very feel-good, but it’s suitably homo-erotic that you’ll feel good. If you get our drift. We shifted uncomfortably a couple of times.

It’s at Trafalgar Studio 2, Whitehall, London until 31 July and you can get tickets here

Ben Barnes was also at the afterparty. One of our lot almost pushed him out of the way in the hunt for a canapé. A boys gotta eat.

Actually, we’re not going to eat again for a while after seeing the two leads, Paul Holowaty and Gregg Lowe, with their tops off. Basically they’re THAT fit. Sigh. *remembers talking about how many calories are in champagne and weeps tears of alcohol*

Photo by, FYI.

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Sounds like the beginning to a very good night! too bad I live too far away, would love to go see it.

Added by twibfan

14/07/2010 14:12:27