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I just can't hide it

I’m so excited. Fetish Week starts on Wednesday here in London and it’s like I’m waiting for Christmas… Well, I’m sure there will be a few stuffed turkeys at some of the events, perhaps even wrapped in tinfoil? Who knows what to expect? The move for me from vanilla-podium-dancing all-singing-all-dancing size 28” waist Kylie-loving queen to sleazy fetish pig was nowhere near as strange as you may think. You’re still getting dressed up to pull. In fact, it now takes me longer to get ready to go out even with no hair to gel or face to shave and when you’re at an event that lasts more than a night, you can be changing outfits 3-4 times a day. Well, one has to look their best!

I’m going with my two friends John and Javier. John is all about the leather whereas Javier is into tight rubber suits. Myself, I’ll be doing a mix of them both (well, not the tight rubber suit – I’m not a 28” waist anymore) and maybe even my German flight suit on one of the days. I love the all in one with handy front zip. If you’re still struggling to find what to wear, get yourselves down to Expectations on Thursday or Friday next week. There’s 20% off everything in store and free drinks. There’s even some pornstars from Alphamale Media there on the Friday night. And if you’re still thinking that Fetish events are full of old men with handlebar mustaches, get real. There will be a huge mix of guys from 18-80 there and more totty than you can shake a stick at. Trust me, why else would I be so excited? are holding the event and already about 800 guys have confirmed. Check out the website and take a look at some of them and then get yourself down to London’s first ever Fetish Week.

I waited in most of the day last Saturday for the cable guy (who wasn’t even remotely entertaining like Jim Carey) and so got to Pride late. I was glad I was wrong about the rain, but everyone there was drunk and I felt too tired to enjoy it. I didn’t even get to use the Rampant capsule I picked up from Prowler store. I will be using one this Saturday though… they really are good! If you can’t get to a shop, you can order them online as well now: get Rampant!

If you missed Pride and want a taste of all those hot men in the sun then Kristen Bjorn has released a two-part saga entitled Pride part 1 and part 2. Both films are really hot, last over 2 hours each and have countless beautiful, muscled men. Both are set at Madrid Pride, so loads of hot Spanish guys. Also in store this week is the long-awaited Falcon release, Rhodes’ Rules. Look out for the Mustang label and the beautiful Trent Diesel on the front cover.

And if you love your porn as much as I do you’ll be very excited to know that now you can buy a piece of Francois Sagat. His cock has been molded and package up in the form of a very real looking dildo. It’s even got a suction cup at the base so if you know his height (5’ 9) you can position it in exactly the right place and have Francois Sagat inside you as you watch your new porn. Mmmm! : Take a look - it bends! Sounds like a fun weekend... now, where’s that Rampant! ?!?

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