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Drag Diary #11

GT goes undercover at Pride London 2010. Deep undercover.

Well in all fairness, how can I continue to pass judgement on others without having walked a mile in their (seven inch platform stiletto) shoes? Although, truth be told I’d barely made it fifty feet before the cramp set in, the heels were off and I was traipsing through Leicester Square barefoot. Didn’t stop the bloody tourists and their cameras though.

I’m not quite sure what I’d expected the reaction to be, but nothing could have prepared this particular blogger and his completely shameless housemate for the attention we received. We’d only slapped on a bit of make-up and a wig after all, and what started out as a few appreciative comments in Soho soon became a fully blown mob by the time we’d reached Trafalgar Square. But as far as DIY drag goes, I’m pretty sure it was a success. Well, someone said I looked a bit like Joan Collins, which was good enough for me.

Who knew drag queens were in such short supply? Or for that matter, that there were quite so many cobbled streets and low ceilings in London?

At least that’s out my system for another year now. And the beard will grow back eventually.

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