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Here comes the rain again

Bloody England! In the space of a week it’s gone from unbreathably hot to grey and miserable with forecasts of rain tomorrow. I finally got air con and only used it for three days. Typical of course as tomorrow is London Pride. Not that a spot of rain is gonna stop me cock-watching in the city centre tomorrow. I’m now 31 years old and most of my friends “can’t be arsed” anymore, but I still love London Pride. Everyone comes together for one massive, gay piss-up. Trafalgar Square will have its usual, fun nonsense on stage whereas the real party will be in Soho. Wall-to-wall gays with smiles on their faces and a drink in both hands. I like to stand on Compton Street with my mates and the more I drink, the more guys I snog. I’ve never gone back with anyone after Pride – the fun is in the chase so they say – but I have followed up on some of the numbers afterwards. If you can get to London or are already here tomorrow, get down to Pride. It’s my favorite Pride in the UK as it’s the most social. The parade starts at 1pm with events in Trafalgar Square kicking off at 3pm. And if you’re looking for a shag, believe me, this is the place to be.

So your weekend’s sorted and you’ve met the perfect guy (for tonight) but you’ve drunk so much that there’s no way you’re gonna keep it up all night. Not to fret, on my desk this week landed a big, red box called Rampant. It’s pegged to be a herbal stimulant. So I tried it, I loved it and it actually worked. Prowler Soho has them exclusively in their store this weekend. Just look out for the red and yellow box or ask for Rampant at the counter.

But if you can’t get to over London this weekend and don’t really fancy trolling the local bars for talent (especially if it’s raining) then there are two great films that you’ve got to see. CockyBoys have just released Fuck Machine – basically straight and gay lads fucking each other - pretty hot stuff. Then there’s Spurt Locker from UKNakedMen – no army men in this one I’m afraid but the guys here do grab things that could explode in their hands at any second!

So that’s this weekend sorted, but what’s coming up? In just under two weeks London is holding it’s first ever Fetish Week. It’s run by (basically gaydar for guys into fetish) and for five days, people from all over the world will be descending on London to squeeze into their rubber suits or shiny leather. (Leather for me.) If you need some gear to go, Expectations in Old Street are having two in-store events where they’re giving 20% off everything. Click here for store info Even us here at GT have got involved. We’ll be putting on the BBQ on Sunday 18 July. Imaginatively called Spit Roast Sunday, we’ll be flipping those burgers whilst the DJ spins his tunes at Light Box in Vauxhall. If you pick up a copy of this month’s GT you can read my report on Fetish Week along with detailed information on the main events. It’s on 14-18 July and is all over the city. You can also log onto the website and see details of everything over the five days: Fetish Week

Right, now what shall I wear to Pride..?

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