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FIB Heineken Benicàssim International Festival

Festival season has officially arrived. How can we tell? By that unique note of melancholic sadness, that's how. In its severest form, it's the kind of feeling that makes you want to throw inanimate objects at the telly because the Glastonbury coverage is so inescapable (and then you change the channel and find out the football score and chuck said telly out of the window).

It's the the kind of feeling that only hardcore stewards/litter pickers/sandwich sellers/Florence Welch, who - with a busy but fun-filled summer ahead of them - are exempt from.

The kind of feeling that warrants a desperation so all-consuming, you'd even play groupie to Pete Doherty. Or is that just me? Well, at least that way I could do him a favour and burn his hat collection.

OK, so in this media-dominated age (cliche No.17826), when you're bombarded with imagery and news of festival after festival you're not at, it's natural to feel you're missing out. Well, don't. Go to one, Just one. (Or two if you were at Glastonbury - LUCKY). Go to Benicàssim.

FIB Heineken Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (Benicàssim International Festival) is fifteen years old this year. Taking place at Recinto de Conciertos, Benicàssim, Castellón from Thursday 15 to Sunday 18 July, it looks so amazing we could cry.

Here is a brief list of some of the men we fancy and women we love performing at the cute little coastal town, who we can just picture sharing a pitcher and some tapas after their sets:

Goldfrapp (Goldfrapp, Alison, file under perm) - Thursday
The Prodigy (Howlett, Liam, file under not Keith Flint and Essex) - Saturday
Lily Allen (Allen, Lily, file under purple wig) - Sunday
Kasabian (Meighan, Tom, file under beard and Northern) - Thursday
Gorillaz (Albarn, Damon, file under Future Husband) - Sunday

The five of them should unite to form a superband. Damon's Gorillaz mate could illustrate the project. It's genius. No, it's really not is it. But it's Monday and I'm not at a festival, so let me be.

For more information, visit the official website by clicking here.

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