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The Dirty Tees - Where We Are

I was going to file this under 'Fittie for Friday #7' because doubtless a lot of you boys are going to be sweet on the aesthetics of this dapper dance duo (a.k.a Canadians Ryan Freeman and Grant Peters). There are people out there, I know, who'd say 'You had me at beard.' There are people here at GT Towers who'd say 'You had me at beard.' But while I can appreciate the nice outfits (no dirty tees then, how novel) and the HIGHlarious thespian posing, a good bit of beard's not going to cut it. Although the one that looks a bit like Mark Ronson...

But we've no doubts about the music. As the year wears on, they'll probably become known for their remixes if nothing else (one for Ellie Goulding may be in the pipeline), but for now, we're rather taken with their single Where We Are, which has been keeping us typing like wide-eyed robots through the Friday afternoon lull and my own personal Glastonbury envy, with its clinical, 00s dance elements (remember the noise Ginger Spice's space gun made in the video for Say You'll be There? A kind of 'ziong'? There's a lot of that here. *Reads back* Wow, I need some coffee), enhanced with some uplifting, anthemic, but ultimately rather absent vocals. Is that a 90s thing? Like Alice Deejay? Remember her/them/it? *Struggles to not mention the Vengaboys comeback* Wow, this is turning into a right old trip down bad music memory lane isn't it.

Oh, and regarding the Vengaboys comeback... *Pauses, cuts losses*

Check out the track and the guys' MySpace page here, and please don't tell them about my rambling 90s music tangents.


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