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Like a dog on heat

What is it about summer that brings out all the hot boys? Wearing nothing but a pair of arse hugging shorts and bouncing their perfect pecs and abs all around the place. I see many of them while on my smoke break stood outside GT towers. I have now come to the conclusion that this particular species of sun worshipers only exist in the summer months, as you never see them at any other time. Believe me, I’ve looked! Or maybe it’s just the sun that’s homing all of my homo senses into spotting any bit of flesh on display. Why is that? Why does the sun always make us so horny? I get in from work and log into the various sex network sites and have streams of messages from guys needing sex ‘now’! But by the time I get home I’m shattered and just want a glass of wine and some dinner - and until I get air con there will be no rolling about on my bed! My goodness I’ve gotten old!

Luckily, there are things to be keeping my sexual libido at bay without all the hassle of getting someone over to my sweltering house. (Even my cat won’t speak to me in this heat!)

Falcon studios are back in the UK. The first DVD to be released is Rhodes Rules on the Mustang label (don’t you just hate that – just call them all Falcon so that we know what to get!). I’ve watched the film – for research purposes of course – and it really is hot. It’s full of totally buff, real men and the sex is awesome. It’s the directorial debut for Falcon star Erik Rhodes and although the title is a little egotistical on his part, he’s actually produced a hot fuck-fest of a film. It’s due out in the first week of July – so look out for it.

If you like your boys a bit softer and prefer the love to the lust, then those beautiful boys from Bel Ami are in London this weekend. We’re not talking one or two, but eight of the Czech studio’s top models: Dolph Lambert, Jean Daniel and my absolute favourite Ariel Vanean. (Seriously, the unspeakable things I could do with that boy.) All will be appearing at Prowler Soho this Saturday from 3pm. Get you arse down there to see eight of the best-looking young men you are ever likely to meet.

I, like the rest of the world, saw Avatar at the cinema and was blown away by the realism of Pandora and it’s inhabitants. But was I the only one who wondered how far this would go? How long before we could watch gay men having sex in 3D in the comfort – and privacy – of our own homes? Well, the wait is over. 3D TVs are now widely available as well as 3D computer monitors, 3D graphics cards for your PC (sorry Apple lovers) and I even stumbled across a site selling 3D digital cameras! Amazingly – apart from the TVs – none of this is break-the-bank pricey, especially if you’re in the market to upgrade your current computer. (Ditch the Mac!) I also found a website providing streaming gay porn in both 2D and 3D HD. I don’t have a 3D monitor (unfortunately) but have read the reviews and apparently this is the real deal and you do get that Avatar feeling but with the advantage of a tingling in your nether regions. Check out Go to Click here for 3D porn and see for yourself.

But for those of us that just don’t have the money to splash out on 3D technology just yet, a porn film landed on my desk that you just have to get your hands on: Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls in 3D comes with two pairs of glasses (the red and blue kind) and stars Matthew Rush as Voldemorecock and Luke Marcum as Whorrey Potter. It’s cheesy, the acting is terrible and the 3D is shockingly bad but does kinda work. That all said, I would still buy this and would definitely recommend it to anyone. The sex and the “actors” are hot and the film comes with the 2D and 3D discs so you can enjoy this piss-take of J K Rowling’s classic story in either format. It’s the the first ever 3D gay porn feature film and what gay man doesn’t want to be the first to own that? We’ve all had a right laugh here in the office watching 3D gay porn for the first time… bet you wish you worked here now, we watch porn as part of our job! Unfortunately Whorrey Potter is not yet available in the UK, but you can get it online. Go to Click here for 3D porn (Dominic Ford is cornering the market I see) and make sure your DVD player can play American films.

And if that little lot doesn’t cool off your summer lust, then how about frigging yourself off to Trisha? (League of Gentlemen gag.) Or alternatively you could frig yourself off with the new toys from Rocks Off. There are three vibrating butt plugs that are shaped to give you, err, perfect stimulation – or something. These I haven’t road-tested! They’re for big boys who like big toys, whatever that means. Me being the innocent boy that I am, I have no idea what they mean… hmmm! They’re on sale at all Prowler stores and they’ll also be on sale from the first week in July, so you can pick up the new Falcon film, Rhodes Rules at the same time! You see, I do think about you!

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