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Me perform for you!

Long-time readers of GT will likely be more than aware we’re partial to a man in a frock.

This, of course, means we love 90s movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. This in turn means we love the West End musical version of said film.

But what we love MOST of all is when the two worlds collide and when it gets to THAT scene from the movie during the stage production, the fourth wall is brutally violated when the audience is showered with ping pong balls.

If you’re asking ‘why’ we were at the Priscilla musical last night firstly – shame on you. Secondly – there were cupcakes. These cupcakes to be precise. Granted, we didn’t know that until after the show, which saw the lovely Ben Richards (Footballers’ Wives, The Bill) making his debut as Tick. And very lovely he is too.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say this is the best cast line-up we’ve seen at Priscilla yet, and the show just seems to get better and better.

There were several celebs at the afterparty (no, we didn’t stalk Freema Agyeman, OK?) but we were more interested in the aforementioned cakes. The glittery shoes were edible. EDIBLE.

And yes, for just a second this morning we did wonder why ping pong balls fell out of our bag.

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