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Pride is upon us!

Drag Diary #9

How do we know? Because Sunday night a lorry load of drag queens stormed the cabaret stage of London’s Black Cap to make a right bloody song and dance about it. It was the official launch of Pride London 2010. Drinks were £1.50 each. OF COURSE we were there.

As were Mrs Moore, Wilma Fingerdoo, Rose Garden, Tanya Hyde, Titti La Camp... the list goes on. There were hundreds of them. Well, maybe not hundreds but there were at least ten. Which is nine more than we’re used to on a regular night down the Cap. Plus the whole thing was a fundraiser to help foot the bill for this year’s festival, which was nice.

And before we forget, it's completely unrelated and not exactly drag, but there are false eyelashes and wigs a plenty in the latest offering from our favourite freaky cabaret artists Bourgeois & Maurice. Their new show "Shedding Skin" opens at the Soho Theatre next week and we promised them we’d plug it.

But really we just wanted an excuse to play this clip.

We saw the preview like, a month ago. Get us. Our verdict: Androgyny is hot. Get your tickets now.

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