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@ the Red Bull Air Race World Championship

So, last month I headed to Rio De Janeiro for an early round of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. And the most memorable moment of the trip?

Hmm, that's a tough one. Meeting the participating athletes, several of whom were stonking hot certainly stands out. Google Pete McLeod. Oof.

Maybe it was boarding one of the actual planes for a media flight, and circling the statue of Christ the Redeemer...pretty unforgettable. But no, that's not it...

The all you can eat sushi-buffet at the closing ceremony perhaps. Two of the British pilots - Nigel Lamb and Paul Bonhomme - came second and third respectively, so I was celebrating. With salmon. Mmm. BUT NO.

Ok, here it is. The best part of the entire experience: as I prepared to present to camera for the first time, for a video for this very GT blog, the cameraman dabbed the sweat from my face with a tissue and tidied my hair, before telling me I looked 'great'. A fucking maz. It later transpired I'd been mistaken by the Brazilians for a super famous British television personality. Once the penny dropped, there was lots of laughter at my expense, but for that brief moment of sweat dabbing brilliance, it was worth it.

Enough rambling. To find out more about my Brazilian adventure, take a look at page 30 of the July issue of GT, out now.

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