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It's an important one this week so pay attention

Drag Diary #7

They may not look like your typical queens, but that’s probably because these men are just regular blokes. They also happen to be prostate cancer sufferers and they’re bravely dragging-up to publicise and lead London’s First Annual Great Drag Race!

When? 19 June 2010

Where? London Fields, Hackney

And what is it? A fantastic way to raise awareness - and some much needed funds - for the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Support Federation.

So does anyone actually know what the prostate is?

Exactly. Prostate cancer kills almost as many men as breast cancer kills women, and yet 70% of us really don’t know as much as we should.

These men intend to persuade a thousand others to drag the issue of prostate cancer into the spotlight by dressing up as women for the race, and helping to set a new world record in the process. Yes, it’s a serious issue, but we’re still allowed to pun.

There’s a short video about the event right here, which probably says more than we could. Check. It. Out.

Plus, publicist Max Clifford and Blue Peter legend Peter Duncan are the latest celebrities to throw their support behind the event, with Clifford saying: Having had a lucky escape, I realise it's one of those subjects men don't talk about, and an awful lot of men are dying of embarrassment. If this initiative works, it will inform, educate, and save lives.

The race distance of 10.2km represents one long stride for each of the 10,200 men lost to the disease each year. Click here to find out more or at the very least make a donation.

In their own words: We are a group of men who are living with prostate cancer, and we have decided to make an almighty song and dance about it.

Bloody good on 'em.

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