Darren Scott / Editor

Walk this way...

Yeah, so, apparently everyone thought we were taking the piss when we suggested doing Crusaid's Walk For Life...

Well in your face – Team GT has raised nearly a grand for the HIV/AIDS charity. That doesn't mean we couldn't do with a couple of quid more...

One of us will be dressing up as a Dalek (though how much persuasion was needed we can't comment) and we'll be joined by the very lovely Katy Manning, who played Jo Grant in the original series of Doctor Who (and she's just filmed her return scenes with new Doctor Matt Smith for The Sarah Jane Adventures.)

You can pick a member of Team GT to sponsor here and all donations are very gratefully received.

The event, which turns 21 this year, starts at Pottersfield in London this Sunday (6 June) from 12pm.

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