Bob Henderson

Golden (meat) Balls

Friday afternoon is all about the slag of snacks.

We usually hate adverts, but this is possibly the best one of all time and has stuck with us everytime we tear open those foil wrappers:

And with that in mind, we're tucking into the latest football-bonkers flavour of potnoodle. It's called, wittily, Golden (meat) Balls flavour (okay, not witty but we do appreciate the 'oo' in noodles being two shining testicles, rendering the football shirt into what is basically a big phallus). It's not spicy. It's not overly meaty. But it is very tomatoe-y.

By the way, yes that is our desk. We've actually tidied up a bit. Everyone is complaining about the smell, so I'm gonna waft a bit of poppers around the office, while playing our friday spotify playlist.

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