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We’ve come over all patriotic

Drag Diary #6

Well it was Eurovision week after all. So off we went to see The Brit Girls perform at Freedom in Soho. Young, modern and ever so slightly sexy, you’ll find none of your standard Black Cap/Two Brewers nonsense here. These girls are professionally trained West-Enders who had sashayed straight off stage at Priscilla to bring a packed audience a night of slickly choreographed routines.

Yes, they lip synced. Yes, each costume change lasted approximately twenty minutes too long. But their topless backing dancers made everything ok again. Definitely a show to catch where and when you can.

And in case, like us, you’re still reeling from Britain’s epic Euro-fail at the weekend, here’s a bit o’ classic Dana International to cheer you up. Did anyone else realise that was 12 years ago? Christ. We're old. And so, for old times sake...

Sure, we could have showed the winning clip, but does anyone else remember the following year when she returned to pass the title to the new winner... and fell over? Bitch will do anything to steal focus.

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