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And the winner is… not announced til the end of June

Drag Diary #5

Any idea how difficult it is to get up-to-the-minute drag queen news on a weekly basis? Probably not. But rest assured, it’s tricky. Most likely there just isn’t that much gossip. So, this clip is a little dated. Well, it’s from November last year so it’s not THAT dated. And it is in Portuguese so maybe that’s why it took a while to show up on our gaydar. But it’s still worth a look.

Welcome to the wonderful world of… drag queen beauty pageants.

And the closest thing we get over here? Drag Idol.

But we loves it. Big shout out to Titti La Camp and friends for making it all happen. And be sure to catch the regional heats currently taking place in homo bars throughout London, Brighton, Portsmouth and Cardiff. I’m sure there’ll be a website you can Google that will be more specific.

But that’s quite enough of that for another week.

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