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Here we go again

Drag Diary #4

Since last week's drag queen flashmob seemed to go down quite well with you lot, we thought we'd stick the original up online as well. It was filmed at the end of last year on Australia’s Bondi beach to promote some club night or other and despite the distinct lack of Gaga it's really pretty great. We challenge anyone to not feel completely uplifted after watching it.

Like, seriously, try and not be happy. You won't be able to. Tis a scientifically proven fact that drag queens are excellent mood enhancers. (Especially when dancing to the B-52s.)

Will someone hurry the hell up and organise a UK equivalent?

And while we're at it, here IS a bit of Gaga for you. Well, almost. For anyone who's ever had bad service at a hotel? This is a nice subtle way to register you complaint.

And that’s definitely enough flash-mobbing for now.

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