Bob Henderson

Setting a good Example

endless pun potential, none of them good


He had an album launch last night, and with the promise of free chicken, we were there with every other starving journalist in East London. There was a rumour that at the end of the album play back, chicken wings were going to be released from the ceiling like a balloon drop, in a freeloading frenzy of Nandos grabbing.

They were passed round in brown paper bags.

Anyway we weren't there for the free booze and food, oh no (and we're not speculating why Calvin Harris was there either). We went to hear the debut album by Example played in it's entirety, really loudly. Now it's a well known pop fact that all pop music sounds atleast 10-40% better when it is played loudly and you have a drink in your hand. When the music itself is good, the improvement is less drastic, so with Example you were looking at a 10-15% increase. It sounded all very upbeat butch eletro pop like Dizzee meeting Calvin or like "a male Lady Sovereign" (quote Anon). Chart domination is surely a flap of a chicken's wing away.

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