Darren Scott / Editor

All aboard the night train

Hmmm, what's the number one album this week....

Oh yes, it's that bloke on our cover from that band called Keane. Fourth number one album in a row can't be bad eh?

Anyway, Team GT popped down to The Fridge in Brixton last night (apparently it was the last night for the venue – SAD) for the launch of their latest chart topper, Night Train.

And oh what a night. One of us thought it would just be the album playing while we had a couple of sherries, the other thought we might get at least a few tunes from the EP. But oh no, a full on gig thank you very much. With all their bloody biggest hits. Needless to say, as two huge Keane fans, we sung ourselves hoarse.

For the record, they're all extremely hot in the flesh (the aftershow involved champagne and whisky, not helping the throat...), Tim gives good eyebrows but Jesse has the best bum. As in seriously should-be-winning-an-award for best bum. GT there, bringing you front-line journalism.

Night Train is out now, we're off to suck on a Fisherman's Friend (etc)

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