Bob Henderson

Lingering Whispers Launch Party

Cryptic art is gay, gay, gay and we j'adore.

Lingering Whispers is a new art exhibition that launched last night, held in a basement crypt of a huge church near Euston station in London. And we had a hinkling that it might be a bit on the homoerotic side of things, but this was off the scale. You could not move for hot art bears quaffing champagne. And the art itself, an exploration of creativity in times of economic hardship, was littered with naked men, erotic masks, provocative poses and sequin-wearing dolls of old women. We can only conclude that when the going gets tough, the tough get gaying.

We learnt a lot that evening. Namely that "babes" is over. O.V.A.H. Now it's all about "angel". And there is a song called Luton Airport by Lorraine Chase who there with a bunch of glamourous matriarchs. And if you want to gayest friendliest of dorothyest Art Exhibition this year, you should totter off to Lingering Whispers.

P.S - little whisper of our own: Courtney Love did a secret gig in Camden last night, looking (shock horror) alright ("I always thought she looked like she needs throwing in a sheep dip" - Anon.) She shouted a lot to prove how husky her voice was. Her voice was pretty husky already...

Lingering Whispers is on 07 May – 06 June, Crypt, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London NW1 2BA
Photo: Cyrille Weiner and Christopher Haleb

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