Bob Henderson

Indie Bingo

We sucked at it.

Orange phones are doing something with Glastonbury but more importantly they were having a party to celebrate the classic music + mobiles media tie in, and it was on the way home, so it would've been rude not to go.... Anyway at this do, there was some Indie Bingo action, to win tickets to the god-father of festivals.

By rights we should've been quite good at this, playing the human Shazam and crossing off names of Glasto acts printed on each bingo card. Thing is, turns out it featured loads of people like The Enemy and Foals and We Are Scientists, and like the cliched big old gays we are we only got Scissor Sisters and Pet Shop Boys.

So we didn't go home with any tickets, but we did grab some Orange pens. Oh and I Blame Coco did an acoustic set (banging on boxes, acoustic guitars) which was all very lovely, but there was no Robyn appearance, for shame. Oh and they did a cover of Only Love Can Break Your Heart, which was no Saint Ettiene, for shame.

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