Bob Henderson

I’ve got love for you, if you were born in the 80s, the 80s

Wah wah!

Sorry, Calvin Harris moment there. Ooh, look at our lovely lunchbox! (pun intended) It arrived the other day packed full of sweet and karaoke treats. The I Heart The 80s Lips for Xbox game came padded with a sweatband and retro sweets, which we’ve been stuffing our faces with last week. I say “we”, I mean me.

When we get our mitts on an Xbox, we’re going to murder all the 80s classics. Blue Monday. Tainted Love. Kids In America. Video Killed The Radiostar. Don’t Leave Me This Way. All present and correct.

Oh, and the lunchbox is going to be our new make-up bag. For reals. That’s if we finish all these cola cubes, the merest whiff of which makes us think of this:

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