Bob Henderson

Holding The Man



last night was the Press Night for Holding The Man, which makes it all proper, and glosses over the fact it's been on for a while and everyone already loves it.

We're slightly obsessed with Jane Turner, so watching her live on a stage with hundreds of wig changes was a bit of a boon for us. The mum character was satisfyingly close to Kath (of Kath & Kim fame, where she found fame - where have you been?), though she does a great teenage boy, drama student break down and wicked lecherous gay man - she probably picked up a few clues after hanging out with Scott Capurro, who cornered us at the after party.

The first half was hilarious and the second half weepily sad. In fact the only awful bit about the whole thing was the puppets :( There is a lot of sad face by the end...

Then off course, off we trot to the aftershow party. We run in Mark Gatiss who is an absolute darling and chats to us about his forthcoming role in Worried About The Boy, the forthcoming BBC drama about Boy George, where Gatiss plays Malcolm McLaren. He told us some funny stories, and about having to stare at Douglas Booth all day. Tough job.

On the way out we had a quick photo opportunity with Jane herself (male cast members no where to be seen, the shame) and chatted about flashing teeth in photos, before disappearing into the night.

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