Bob Henderson

Gratuitous picture of Francois Sagat


Untitled 01-10 (after Caravaggio, 1602; featuring Francois Sagat) by Ross Watson

You know Ross, we featured his painting of Matthew Mitcham in the mag a good few months back. He's done Jake Shears, and some other gays in his trademark style. Bruno Gmunder are going to publish a book of them - 20 years infact - in the coming few months.

We don't need many reasons to feature a picture of Sagat, as we've obviously got a thing for Fran of soire.

It was inspired by Vantican no-condom ranting. Or as Ross says, "Francois Sagat continues to play a valuable role in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and education. I wanted to acknowledge that in the painting, whilst tying it to the Vatican. In contrast, the Vatican uses its status in the UN General Assembly to obstruct the promotion of condoms as protection against HIV/AIDS, and sexuality education in school curricular."


But yay for Watson, Sagat and well done on the book deal.

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