Darren Scott / Editor

Oh boy

Ooh look, it’s a boy band with not very much clothes on.

Except this is not just any old boy band – This is Boy Banned and they’re signed to Eurocreme, which is more well known for…. Well, let’s just say that when we looked up the website it said: “Anal Obsession – Get some hardcore ass action…” Still, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, eh? *looks around rest of this page*

Right then, what else is there to report. Apart from the fact they obviously all need a good meal… Lets have a look at the press release. Ooh, appearing at Pride (onto a winner with the crowd there), “Eurocreme director Trojan Rock took a shine to the boys, all in their early 20s, and promptly offered them a 12 song recording contract.”


One World is released today through all the usual outlets. Boy Banned is David, Adam, Ryan and Pob. When we were kids Pob was a puppet that had someone’s hand up his behind and then sprayed all over the lens…..oh.

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