Bob Henderson

A Fittie For Friday #2

Come on down, Nathan Evans…

Oh, hello there. Nice outfit.

This week's Fittie For Friday is Nathan Evans. He does lots of film stuff with our favourite art nutter David Hoyle and practically lives at The Royal Vauxhall Taverns. He’s also doing some kind of election party clubnight knees up shouting and beer shindig on the 5 May. It’s involves all your favourite queer cabaret scenesters, including the aforementioned Uncle Dave (we never made it to the LLGFF screening of that… we tried). We considered stalking Mr Evans a while back, but that was when he had shorter hair. It’s all under control now.


To recap: 5 May. RVT. Nathan Evans. Clothes TBC.

The Official Website Of Royal Vauxhall Tavernia

P.S. A Fittie For Friday – who knew it would be come a regular feature? (remembering one idea from one week to the next = regular feature)

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