Bob Henderson

At the risk of this turning into a video blog

dedicated to Hunx and his punx...


We bring this to your attention for three reasons.

One Sploshing - hands up.
Is it any good? Has anyone been to Boogaloo Stu's splosh-a-rama yet? We didn't know what it was until we read Rubyfruit Jungle and started watching John Waters films.

Two That Hunx and his punx gig last week.
We went, in that new venue in Old Street (CAMP Basement), it's pretty good. Proper grimy faux-squat feel to it, like real gig venues up north. It's like leaving London without the inconvenience of leaving London. The band are pretty good, hella fun. Worth a squizz.

Three The Younger Lovers
If you like Hunx and his previous band gravy train!!!! then keep your peepers peeled for former band mate Brontez's new band The Younger Lovers. They're coming to London. Probably twice. We'll let you know when we know, gonna be super special.

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