Bingo a go go at Profile Soho

Gays, Cocktails, Witty Banter ....Bingo!

We've written quite a few times about this gay bingo lark, and we're trying to come up with something new.

Jamie says "legs eleven, two fat ladies - something like that"

Bob says "playing with balls"

Darren isn't here, he couldn't give a shit. He's in Monaco. Bastard.

Result: It's Bingo. It's got gays in it. You can't go wrong.

The difference with ‘Diner Bingo’ (the clue is in the title) is dinner. You get Happy Days style burger joint fun, ontop of top hosts Timberlina and Hey Baylen giving it a bit of gab inbetween all the number shouting and dishing out of cash money prizes, Aussie Bum underwear and drinks vouchers.

For a bingo card, just buy a cocktail or get a table and order something (not tap water) - they do steaks and burgers and all that jazz.

*gets out diary and a big pink marker pen*

DINER BINGO – a fierce and free night of Bingo at Profile Soho. Bingo Games start at 6.30pm
Sunday 18th April, Sunday 2nd May, Sunday 16th May, Sunday 30th May

website here, innit.

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