Bob Henderson

Gig Review of DeLorean Drivers

New band, played "intimate*" show last night

DeLorean Drivers reminded me of the first time I saw Alphabeat play, when they were all about guitar pop and before they had a 90s eurotrance acid-flashblack they couldn't recover from. Ontop of the chirpy upbeat indieness they had little flashes of Arcade Fire, a much appreciated dose of dancefloor The Killers and at one point reminded me of the ill-fated and under appreciated Do Me Bad Things. Imagine this lot but without the dodgy metal effect pedal and affectations, fret wanking solos, or amazing outfits. Hell, basically the things they have in common are there are lots of them and you can have a little bop to them, if that's your thing. (it's definitely our 'thing').

Things DeLorean Drivers could work on for next time: More pink hair. More dance moves. Less banging on - pop songs, two minutes, possibly three. Otherwise, file under "GT's Next Favourite Indie 9 Piece"

They're playing TODAY! at The Haggerston (438 Kingsland Road, E8 4AA - Upstairs, who knew? living room - turned - gig venue) and TOMORROW! as part of a three day residency - tit's some kind of 4pmish matinee performance, exclusively for students and benefit frauds.


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