How Eurotrash are you? Take the test with Per QX!

Wooo - it's not a faux-Cosmopolitan multiple choice quiz, but an interview that's almost entirely about Eurotrashiness. Matt Miles talks cheesy synths, flammable couture and the holiday disco that's too hot for hell with diabolically nice 'n' cute DJ/producer Per Qx. Why? Because the young Swede is running a major new monthly party at East London it-club Dalston Superstore called, uh-huh, Eurotrash. Cheapen yourself there this Friday 9 April - for free!

I first started to wonder who or what was Eurotrash in the nineties - what did Eurotrash used to mean to you?
Per: Swedes with fake blond hair that smoke menthol cigarettes. Russians girls with maxi-fake lips that look like cheap prostitutes. Germans with faux Birkenstock. You?

A mullet man from Dusseldorf aboard a cross channel ferry casino with an itchy drug face and fake Versace shades. And Moschino bra tops and Sabrina doing 'Boys Boys Boys' and anything Corona touched... Do you think Eurotrash is harder to define now?

Per: I think it's quite similar actually. Oh, I forgot to mention the English girls from up north with mini skirts and alcho pops in their hands, falling all over the place on the coldest December night. That's proper Eurotrash.

Are we all Eurotrash?

Per: Yes to a degree, I think us Dalstoner's are quite Eurotrash. (FYI - Dalston is a place in East London where everyone lives). We all get our food shopping from Lidl, and our clothes from Oxfam and our tranny outfits from the pound shop. Actually, I can just speak for myself!

Did you fall out of bed age 13 with a beating heart and an erection caused by the synth stab in 'Rhythm of the Night' and stammer those defining words: 'I am a Eurotrash'... was there a helpline you could call?

Per: I never came out as Eurotrash, though I had my moments with hair extensions and rainbow colour hairstyles when I was a pre-teen.

What's the most Eurotrash holiday destination in all Europe?

Per: It has to be Gran Canaria. I was going there regularly a few years ago and in the end I was like, 'Can I change my flight so I get home tonight instead of tomorrow?' I love Gran Canaria's tacky bits and I had some trashy times in the Jumbo Centre, but if I stay there too many days I go mad!

As a DJ there must have been times you were so lost in Eurotrash you were almost touched by the hem of god...

Per: Well I did once wake up on a plane and have absolutely no idea where I was flying to. It turned out to be Warsaw, which was a stroke of luck as that's where I was booked to play. I'd just came back from Trailertrash's birthday party in London, was supposed to do a gig with Ultra Nate and forgot to bring clothes, tooth brush etc. Thank god I didn't forget my records!

Ja, that would've been eurocrap. Ok, I used to fantasise about Sweden - the porn, the conifer trees, the Abba saunas - but secretly it's a bit boring isn't it?

Per: Yes, that's all fake! The boys are very proud and not as slutty as other Europeans - except when they leave the country!

Is that why you became a lead figure in the Dalston Gay Mafia?

Per: Yes I think so. But I don't see myself as a lead figure, I'm just the one who's the biggest pr-whore!!!

Eurotrash at Dalston Superstore is so immensely fun - make people visit by describing it:

Per: We bring DJs from all over Europe to showcase their music style whether it's electro, house, techno, mash up, fidget or indie dance. Upstairs, the bar is ruled by Alejandro Asencio - we were playing Tranny Karaoke last time but it went out of control, so we're not allowed to do it again. This Friday we're just having trashy euro anthems.

Your other party GutterSlut has become one of London's leading clubs - how come you're this party producing hit machine? What's the secret?

Per: The secret is that we are nice and friendly promoters who just wanna do a crazy night - but of course with high music quality, and a cool and friendly crowd. I hate pretentious queens, and for some reason we don't seem to get 'em. We love what we're doing, and I think it shines through. GutterSlut and Eurotrash are my way of saying fuck rules and live your life. We never pretend to be something that we aren't. It's all about coming together to celebrate life to good music!

You're a producer too - what tracks have you got out to by/download at the mo and which is the most Eurotrash?

Per: There's an original track that's coming out on Roger Sanchez label Stealth this summer called 'Ever Before' feat. Max C - it's a techy house bomb that's hopefully set to blow Ibiza away. I also just remixed Tomcraft's 'Loneliness 2010' for Kosmo records. That's out to download on Beatport now, as is a remix of Nik Denton's 'Freak Show' on Toolbox. The most trashy remix is probably The Young Punx new single 'Sugar Candy' on Mofo Hifi - that'll be out in a few months time.

What are you working on in the studio?

Per: Me and Terry Vietheer are doing a new single (see link) feat Ben Onono called 'My Love Is Always There'.
And I'm about to finish a track for Roger Sanchez Release Yourself Nine, together with Rustem Rustem called 'The Groove'.

Do you own anything by Jean Paul Gaultier?

Per: Nope, maybe a pair of fake jeans from Oxfam :)

It's GT's music issue in stores at t'mo - what three artists/singles are most excellent right now?

Per: These are amazing!
Baymont Bross feat Feral - 'Hold tight' (Miles Dyson remix)
Dad Life - 'Just Bleep Me' (Satisfaction)
Rasmus Faber and Alf Tumble - 'Wilder side' (Rafa remix) Defected

Eurotrash is this Friday 9 April at Dalston Superstore, 117 Kingsland High Street, East London. 9pm - 2am and entry is free all night.

The line up is Lupe Lambers, Per QX, Jeff Laurence, Jeanette, Sloaney, Alejandro Ascencio and Miss Crystal MC.

Photograph by Ralf Obergfell

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