They are the cocky boys, you are the cocky girls

Cheeky cheeky!

Apologies, this blog has nothing whatsoever to do with the cheeky girls. But it does involve a whole bunch a boys. And cocky boys at that.

And yes, by cocky, we mean COCKy, as their subtle pun betrays the fact they are indeed porn stars. And it's not just their youthful expressions that make them so cheeky, but the porn company making the films is a spritely two years old. Founder Kyle Majors is a tad older than that, but it's rude to ask. Set up in 2008 they're now up there with the, err, big boys as global porn producers.

If you're a porn connoisseur (a pornoisseur?) you'll notice Mr Majors has exclusively signed established porn stars Jesse Santana and Wolf Hudson, as well as pin-up boys Sebastian Young and Ace Warner. Who'll all presumably star in the frankly titled Fuck the Hell out of Me and will be on general release from May 2010. There will be launch date (did we hear party?) some time soon.

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