Mika's kicking ass

(not literally, and thank god we caught the typo...)

It has been widely debated that Mika stepped through an enchanted wardrobe or fell into a large rabbit hole after celebrating the New Year, but now he’s back from Neverland and planning to kick some chart-topping 'ass', with...wait for it...Kick Ass.

Mika's new single is featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming action/ comedy/drama of the same name. The film's about a despondent teenager who adopts a superhero identity to fight crime, but with no special powers in his fingertips. Mika, whose fingertips are itching with talent, will be welcomed back with open arms by devoted fans, who anticipate another number filled with high-pitched wailing, piano bashing and dancing on living room furniture.

Yet, this track is more designed for nightclubs and Facebook house parties, which is a slight departure from his sugar coated debut album, Life in Cartoon Motion. The average Joe turned superhero theme will appeal to socially inept, day dreamers who are likely to be absent from G-A-Y past midnight. But this is strangely addictive and it won’t take long for the superhero in all of us to surface on the dance floor; just don’t blame it on too much vodka.

Simon Robb

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