Bob Henderson

What the hell is wrong with you?

You don’t like rock n roll

It's a familiar scene to any and many a gay man. You wake up with some hunk of spunk, then offer to put some music on. This is what happens:

Except we're not in a punk band made up of Rockabilly Leigh Bowery impersonators filmed by John Waters. (it's not filmed by John Waters, though that is surely just a matter of time). You remember Hunx and His Punx right?

We saw them at a music festival in Munich this weekend. Hunx was off his often exposed tits, tottering around in a leopard print thong and generally shoving his cock in the face of anyone near the stage. Every other song was dedicated to a brave boy who got too close to the stage. Needless to say it was brilliant.

Oh and they have amazing merch, we treated ourselves to a GUITAR FAG t-shirt. They're bombing round the UK this month, driven by a lady with green hair. Rock'n'roll.

April 8- LONDON- Camp Basement
April 9-NOTTINGHAM-Chameleon
April 10-MANCHESTER- The Corner
April 11-SHEFFIELD-Penelopes
April 12-GLASGOW-Captains Rest
April 13-LEEDS-The Faversham

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