Bob Henderson

Slightly obsessed with the new Mini Viva video

and some other gubbins that doesn't warrant a blog on its own

Yes, this is three days (might as well be years) old, but we love it:

The best bit is clearly the budget ball pond. Though that was a total waste of cake. Someone said to us the other day, “If you were in a gang, you’d be Mini Viva”. Thanks.

Shamelessly, here is link to our competitions page. Because you can never have enough DVD players, playstations or copies of Glee.

Talking of which, it starts again in America in two weeks time. Although from the pictures, it looks like every other episode we’ve seen. BRING ON THE GAGA EPISODE.

On the tube this morning we saw this Levi's ad, which if we remember properly (unlikely) is someone who used to, possibly still does, work at The Joiners Arms. Bless. S’cute.

Talking of cute, this is amazing

And on that note, we are leaving you for Easter. Have a good un.

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