Bob Henderson

Scott Capurro is getting into position

that is, his special Live Comedy stretch.

Oof, that's a bit of an unflattering crop isn't it? It's almost like he's drowning. Or in that Radiohead video. Or joyfully anticipating a massive bukake session. Or at the dentists. Or...

Sorry Scott. It's these blogs, honestly, landscape images only and we've been using the same old press shots for yonks, so went with the newie... Anyways he's back at The RVT (non Londoners translation: The Royal Vauxhall Taverns, decidedly unroyal but definitely in Vauxhall, London.) and he's inviting some chums onstage to have a chin wag.

There's a whole load of names you can drop, but Being Human cover star Russell Tovey will be a treat (8 April), Kath and Kim star Jane Turner - who happens to appear in our next issue (15 April) and Matt Lucas (1 April) will all put in an appearance.

Check out for more inform-at-sion.

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