Bestival bring festival magic to grey London

(I should Koko)

It’s pretty clear that GT has come over all Dr Who of late (no, read that sentence again slowly, you filth), but I declare that there is room for more than one time machine at this publication. I am, of course referring to Bestival’s Time Machine event, held at KOKO nightclub in London at the weekend.

For those of you still in the dark (I may have to acknowledge that the Tardis is more famous), Time Machine was a special night out concocted by the people behind Bestival, the annual music event held in a drunken field on the Isle of Wight. Music? Drunken field? Genius I know. Bestival swapped said drunken field for the beautiful innards of KOKO to sprinkle a little bit of summer into wintery London, celebrating past Bestivals and looking forward to the next, taking place in September. Those in attendance were urged to wear fancy dress and it turns out there’s nothing like a bit of urging because the results were terrific.

Time Machine was, if nothing else, the best fancy dress party this side of Elton John’s perimeter fence. Gay aliens, jellyfish, poor sweaty bastards in fluffy dog bodysuits, sexy pirates, sexy cowboys, sexy David Bowie. Lots of sexy. Even Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh was there and he wanted everyone to witness his magnificent mangina. And it was all wrapped up nicely in a twinkly LED skipping rope. No, really, you could have a go at mass skipping: best ice-breaker ever.

Oh yeah, and there was music too. Almost forgot. It’s hard to remember such things after someone’s shown you their mangina in a skip-off. Audio Bullys headlined, DJs Rob da Bank and Sombrero Sound System were there, Alex Metric and quite a few more, and lashings of drum and bass laced with commercial dance beats. Special mention must go to The Cuban Brothers though, who defy gravity, age and good taste with hugely cheesey dance routines in mad outfits. If you drink lots of everything and squint a bit, they could be the Jackson 5.

The good news is that such shenanigans can be experienced this summer at Bestival, because every year they have a fancy dress theme and, just in case you’re unfamiliar with the musical festival format, quite a lot of live music too. Ok so it might rain more than it did in KOKO, but you’re bound to have a stupid hat on so stop moaning.

Click here to check out Bestival’s quite frankly mental website

Words: Niel Simpson

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