David Cameron pre-election interview

David Cameron has been asked if gay people can trust the Conservative party and quizzed on his alliance with right-wing Eastern European parties in an interview for us.

The interview in our new issue which is on sale today.

The question session was filmed and at one point Cameron asked for the filming to be stopped.

Broadcaster and GT columnist Martin Popplewell started the interview by asking the Conservative leader if we could trust that the party has really changed.

He replied: “The Conservative Party has been on a necessary journey to get into the place where it is in favour of and actually arguing for equality for gay people. It’s a journey that no-one is going to turn back on and they should have confidence in that.”

You can view the full answer here:

Cameron was quizzed closely on lesbian access to IVF treatment and didn’t give a cast-iron guarantee that he wouldn’t try to change the law but did say he didn’t have any plans to do so.

He said: “It seems to me that it’s right that lesbian couples should be able to have IVF. That was the case before and is the case now.”

He was also asked why Conservative MEP’s didn’t vote to criticise a version of anti-gay Section 28 in Lithuania. He said he didn’t know about this particular vote. See his reply here:

Popplewell then asked him about a vote in the House of Lords, which has subsequently gone through, to allow religions who wanted to the right to conduct civil partnerships in their places of worship. After starting his answer, he asked us to temporarily stop filming. See the clip:

He went on, without the film cameras rolling, to address other issues and speak out against homophobic bullying in schools.

You can read more of the interview in our April issue on sale today.

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