Darren Scott / Editor

Knock knock...basically, it's Doctor Who

and it's about time

Look what we stumbled across last night – someone only went and crashed the bloody TARDIS in the middle of Cardiff.

A strange alien voice filling the air with “Prisoner Zero has escaped!”, blue carpets and media everywhere, why of COURSE... The BBC were launching the new series of Doctor Who so we popped along, we’re partial to a canapé as you know.

We watched the first episode, The Eleventh Hour. We laughed, we nearly cried (poor little Amelia), we partied until almost 3am. New Doctor Matt Smith pecked us on the cheek (never washing that again, FYI).

Sorry, where were we *strums fingers on forehead* oh yes! Crashed TARDIS, new episode. In a word – and a word we’re not shy of using at GT – amazing. What new ‘showrunner’ (that’s boss to you and I) Steven Moffat has done with the show, while of course still retaining the essence of the original, is fantastic. It feels bigger, darker and scarier and new leads Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (as Amy Pond) are brilliant.

Amy’s a whole new kind of companion while Matt’s Doctor could quite easily be the best one yet. Oh yes, we said it – we’re going there. David who?

No, we’re not going to spoil any of it – the new TARDIS is a thing of beauty though, and you’ll never look at a crack in the wall the same way again – but it’s safe to say that this is going to be the television event of the year. And if you like Doctor Who you should probably check out the new issue of GT, on sale 23 March and be watching BBC One on Saturday nights from Easter.

Now, we’ve got a hangover to be rid of. Bacon and evil beans should do the trick...

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