Bob Henderson

Francois Sagat.

Now we've got one word to say to you. Woof.

Oh hello, what's this all about?*

It's possibly our biggest man-crush, porn star Francoi Sagat, getting down and dirty on a yoga ball. Amazing.

Even without all the filthy mucky videos from Titan and Falcon, we totally got hard when he dressed up as britney spears in roller skates and was rolling around the floor. Why don't more porn stars have a sense of humour? He's done clowns, mime artists, all sorts of arty wank and something to do with zombies involving Bruce LaBruce. And he looks beyond cute, cleaning his teeth singing. Just imagine waking up to this the next morning:

anyway the reason for this gush is beccause he will be at Circus'ssss'e's FOURTH BIRTHDAY. Lady dame Jody of Harshes's' party. Sagat will be on a go-go box and says she, "He promises to leave little to the imagination."

Basically, what we're being offered here is a quick look at his knob, in the flesh, in or possibly out of time to some good music.

There are other details to this party, Jody Harsh will DJ, Scottee blahblahblah, a Mister called Hudson, but all you need to know is FRANCOIS WILL BE THERE, it's on Saturday 3rd of April, somewhere in Centre Point 103 New Oxford St (queue at the corner of St Giles High Street) and you get your pre-sale-eager-beaver ticket from

Dunno about you, but we're off for a wank.

*you really have to have watched Big Girls Blouse to get that, but it's worth it, best. sketch. ever.

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