Bob Henderson


possibly after Gaga if you like that sort of thing

We were at a party last night – as you do – and Rachel Stevens was there. We waited for a chance to sashay on over and tell her that Come and Get It is one of the best albums of all time. And, of course, to have a nose about the rumours we’ve heard of her popping into the Fascination records offices and such like.
She only went and confirmed that she’s coming back to planet pop. That was an absolute definite “yes” when asked if she was going back to music. Bless her, she never stopped smiling while we squealed and asked if she was going to be working with Xenomania and signed to Fascination, home of all things pop. “It’s early days,” was all she’d say with her cheeky grin.


The party had something to do with Flake (we've eaten about seven of them in the last 24 hours) and Benefit lipstick and as such had a singer, we think called Natalie, singing in a chocolate box (pictured). Nice. The bar was made up to look like one of their wrappers, we're sure about 4 other people noticed. We were disappointed at the lack of Zoe Griffin but made up for it by necking cocktails and smearing lipstick on ourselves on the tube.

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